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Tired of Getting Drilled?
underswitch drillOur latest videos examine two drills you can permanently drop from your swimming routine, with two simpler and more productive drills as suggested alternatives.  When you choose to drill, do it intelligently, mindfully, and with an eye on the most improvement gained from the least amount of practice.

Triathlon Training Group

The most technique-intensive adult swim group in South Florida meets M/F mornings from 6-7 AM and T/TH evenings from 6:30-7:30 PM at the Pine Island Community Center in Davie, FL.  Membership includes monthly underwater video sessions, with clips emailed to each member, as well as complimentary participation in all open water practices. Register here

How Many Lessons?

So how many lessons does it take to make real, permanent changes in the way you swim?  Tired of being strung along with endless drills that don't teach you how to SWIM better?  We know dozens of drills, but promise to teach you the ones that target your personal needs and deliver immediate improvement.  Lose the jack-of-all trades tri coach and get a swim coach if you want to take the struggle, frustration and lack of results out of your swim.

ANSWER:  Three.  Three lessons. (Well, technically 2.5 lessons)  Watch the video here.

In our latest video Broward Aquatic Coach Nico Lilly demonstrates a set of 6 x 50 freestyle using a tempo trainer to dictate the frequency of his strokes.  Tempo trainer-focused workouts can help you develop speed where the rubber meets the road:  the marriage of stroke length and stroke rate.

We teach great swimming skills that can be learned and perfected--check out this video of student and teacher swimming in tandem.  Our proven methods make great technique available to anyone willing to learn.

New 2-Beat Kick Video Clip!  Only StrokeDoctor Swimming teaches the energy-saving 2-beat kick. Check out this footage to see just how much effort--and how many heartbeats--you can save when you integrate the 2-beat kick into your stroke.

Register with Team in Training, Get $100 off instruction!  Stroke Doctor swimming is proud to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in its efforts to fight cancer.  All 2009 registered Team in Training athletes are eligible for a $100 discount on a package of lessons.

Exclusive discount for SFT / Team Hammerheads  Our support of South Florida's largest triathlon team, the Hammerheads, continues with $15 off your first lesson or $60 off a 5-pack.


Greater efficiency, Less struggle!

Stroke Doctor Swimming provides the best in personalized, hands-on swim instruction. Our lessons will give you the skills to swim with confidence and speed in any body of water. From elite athletes to anxious beginners, our patient, knowledgeable approach produces the best results.

YOU get wet, WE get wet!

Hands-on interaction is the key to your success. We swim with you, observe your progress from above and below the surface, and offer precise feedback to fast-track your improvement. We're happy to supplement your learning with email support, phone consultation and web-based resources, but these are no substitute for face time with your coach. Our unique commitment to personal attention sets us apart. You don't just get a training schedule. You get a coach.

Want to be fast?

Train hard with poor mechanics and you'll ingrain permanent bad habits that undermine your performance. We teach you to build skill-enhancing focal points into each stroke so you'll reap maximum benefit from every minute in the water. Great technique. Proper training. Fast swimming.

Partnership with Total Immersion

TI logoOur relationship with Terry Laughlin and Total Immersion, the world's leader in adult swim instruction, dates to the mid-1990's. Taught as cutting-edge technique back then, the revolutionary TI concepts are accepted swimming wisdom today.

But it's not our swimming drills that set us apart. It's our mindset. We believe anyone can learn to swim well, that excellence is a product of mindful diligence, not "talent."

Stroke Doctor Swimming and Total Immersion are part of a vibrant swimming community that strives to find new and better ways to achieve success in the water. We maintain an open mind and welcome insights that come to us from our colleagues, athletes and clients. Swimming is a source of endless puzzles, and it is the joy of discovery that makes each trip to the pool an adventure.

Watch Terry Laughlin's endorsement of Gary Fahey here


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