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Here's what people are saying about the "Stroke Doctor."

Gary--My time at CB Smith was a 7:10, which put me third out of the water in my age group. I'm doing well on the swimming and will eventually make my way back for some more lessons. I'm just continuing to practice the things you taught me.

My first swim at the 400m distance was a 15:15.  You can do the math on that.  I could have swam the same distance twice and still beat my pre-Stroke Doc time! That, my friend, is what I call results!!

Twice as fast as I used to be!

– Cale Simmons
Port St. Lucie, FL (Private Lessons)

I wish we had Gary as a swim coach in North Carolina.  I learned more in 2 days at the TI school than I learned in 17 private swimming lessons.  You guys in Florida are lucky to have such a high caliber swim coach for learning the proper techniques.
– Stephen Chappell
Raleigh, NC (TI Workshop, Raleigh, NC)

Thanks again for an incredible weekend! Kim and I feel like the workshop was one of the best investments we have ever made!
– Art Mowery
Tampa, FL (TI Workshop, Tampa)

I cannot thank you enough for your help at the clinic this weekend. I appreciate your patience and admire your skills. I traveled pretty far to get to your class, and as I said, it was worth the trouble to get to you.
– Carin Fox
New York, NY (TI Workshop, Tampa)

I want to thank you again for your excellent instruction and swimming advice.  For a newcomer like me, experienced and reliable information can be the difference between enjoying and embracing a new skill or giving up.  While I sit here with a fever and the flu, I still am thinking about getting back in the pool.  So I would say without a doubt I "enjoyed and embraced" the chance to learn from you even though I was not feeling very well.
In my simple view, a great teacher is unfailingly patient and painstakingly clear with those concepts that are at the soul of what is being taught.  You are a great teacher.  Thanks again.
Dan Oliverio
– Dan Oliverio
Buffalo, NY (TI Workshop, Coral Springs)

"When I just started swimming it would take me 25 strokes to get to the other side of the pool. My balance was off and my stroke looked like a windmill. I'd get exhausted and discouraged quickly. After one private session with Gary I was down to a much more efficient 17. Since then I've done over a dozen triathlons and have been coming out of the water stronger and faster because of Gary. Private lessons with Gary have been the best money I've spent to become a better triathlete. The Stroke Doctor rocks!"
– Joe 'Cool' Fisher
Wellington, New Zealand (Private Lessons)

Gary's proven to be a master of everything we teach, from working with phobic and novice people to advanced athletes with high goals.
– Terry Laughlin
Owner & Founder, Total Immersion Swimming

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